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Healthy teeth for life

Are you taking care of your teeth for life? Brushing your teeth any less than twice daily could put you at risk of needing serious and costly dental treatment in the future.

Last month data from Australia’s first ever national oral health study showed that over 90% of Australian adults experienced decay in their permanent teeth. Shockingly poor oral hygiene is contributing to increased levels of tooth decay and cavities among children and adults. This directly correlates to the need for fillings and often times more expensive treatments such as dental implants, crowns and bridges.

Dentistry for kids

The study also highlighted that 33% of Australia’s five to six year-olds have decay in their milk teeth. Federal President of the Australian Dental Association Dr Hugo Sachs stated “this unacceptably high rate puts these children at risk of poor oral health development in their development and adult years”. Proper oral hygiene behaviours instilled early in life translates to healthy adult teeth which means a healthier you.

Preventative dentistry is important

Poor oral hygiene affects your health

Poor oral hygiene can lead to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and recurrent respiratory infections. Preventing the onset of oral disease has a direct relationship to avoiding serious health complications in the future. Inflammation within the gums and the toxins it releases can affect the gums and bone, which subsequently can be transmitted to other areas of the body. At Coast Dental we can detect advanced dental issues before they occur and can give your teeth strength, integrity and functionality. We pride ourselves in restoring your teeth so that they can last you a lifetime.

Learn more about our range of preventative dentistry treatments.

Dental hygiene affects your health

There is a strong link between dental diseases and overall health and wellbeing. On-going oral disease could mean a deterioration in your general health. Bi-annual dental checks can protect you from requiring reconstructive dental procedures and also health issues later in life.

Taking care of my teeth

What causes dental problems?

Consuming higher than recommended levels of alcohol, sugar, refined foods and smoking attributes to dental disease. Our children are eating more sugar than ever, meaning they are growing up with teeth that can have cavities or worse still, are decayed. Especially with children, sugar can lead to decay in their milk teeth making them prone to oral disease in their adult life.

Dental sealants for adults and children

Fissure sealants on teeth can reduce the need for replacement of missing teeth and restoration of natural teeth. Dental sealant is a thin, protective barrier that is applied to your teeth that can prevent dental problems. Our dentists at Coast Dental are highly skilled in applying dental sealants which usually useful for children but can also benefit adults. Ask us today about dental sealants helping you or your child’s teeth stay healthy.

How to improve oral hygiene

Oral hygiene facts

Visiting your dentist at least twice and year and having professional cleans are vital in preventing tartar build up and avoiding dental disease later in life. Brushing twice a day, flossing, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking and eating a well-balanced diet translates to not only health teeth but also healthy mind and body. Taking care of yourself means that your overall wellbeing benefits too so you can have healthy teeth and body for life.

What is preventative dental care?

Learning proper oral hygiene is the foundation of preventative dental care. Maintaining your teeth for a lifetime with limited intervention is extremely important. Preventative dental care reduces your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease and is a great step toward maintaining your natural teeth for life.

It’s never too late or too early to start a good oral hygiene routine!

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