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Coast Dental can help protect your teeth from grinding

Do you wake up with sore teeth? Sore jaw?

Most people don’t know they’re grinding their teeth. All they do know is on waking their teeth and jaw hurt: sometimes they’ll have a headache. However, there are so many illnesses, diseases and problems that can be caused by sore teeth, sore jaw and headaches patients often don’t bother visiting the dentist. But they should.

Sore teeth could be because of decay or gum disease: both can cause tooth loss: gum disease has been linked to serious general health problems such as heart disease, dementia, kidney disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Why do people grind their teeth?

Stress is the most common reason people grind their teeth. The other main reason for grinding is an imperfect bite. An imperfect bite is when the upper and lower jaw doesn’t fit together seamlessly and your jaw tries to fit them together. There are some patients who do grind their teeth during the day, but can stop themselves when they catch their jaw clenching.

Why is grinding bad?

Over time it wears down the enamel of your teeth.

As you continue to grind your teeth you continue to wear down the enamel of your teeth until you start to wear down the tooth itself. By treating this early you can save your teeth from severe damage and the possibility of needing quite a lot of restorative work done.

Visiting Coast Dental for regular check-ups

If you experience a toothache of any kind you should give our practice a call (08 8384 7322) and we will organise an appointment. If we find you are grinding your teeth we will recommend a grinding appliance. Also known as a night guard, a grinding appliance is a clear appliance that fits snugly over your lower teeth to prevent further damage.

What our clients say

Megan A

I’ve only been going to this dentist for about 9 Months, and before going I was nervous due to my teeth being bad, I was worried about being judged. But that has nevered happened. I highly recommend them, especially Dr. Reena Gupta. She ...

Leigh W

The most friendly, reliable, professional dentist to go to for all your dental needs….  Highly recommend for people that have fear of dentist to give this clinic a go.   They understand and are very patient and supportive.

Kelechi I

My first time going to this practice and was very impressed with how easy it was to get an appointment. The dentist I saw (Francisca) was extremely friendly and calming which one can appreciate being at dentist. The staff were friendly as well.

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