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Unlike traditional braces that can take up to two years to complete, the Fastbraces® treatment can be completed in less than half that time.

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Braces technology that is fast,
safe and affordable.

Fastbraces® are an innovative orthodontic treatment, specifically designed to move teeth fast and efficiently with gentle force. They are faster than traditional braces because of the patented, unique technology purposely devised to provide faster results. This is achieved with a triangular design of the brackets, cutting edge techniques and a special heat-activated wire.

The difference between traditional braces and Fastbraces®

Traditional braces move your teeth in two stages—the first stage involves aligning the crowns of your teeth, and the second stage is when the alignment of the tooth roots is addressed.

This is where Fastbraces® differ — the patented technology uses a bracket and a specially shaped wire to correct the position of both the crown and the root from the beginning of treatment. This means that we can align the crown and root at the same time.

Unlike traditional braces that can take up to two years to complete, Fastbraces® treatment can be completed in just 3 months. More complex cases may require 12 months; however this is still only half the amount of time of traditional braces. Another advantage of Fastbraces® is there is less associated discomfort than with traditional braces.

How Fastbraces® work

At Coast Dental, we can correct many types of misaligned and improperly placed teeth with the Fastbraces® treatment. It is an efficient and effective solution for a number of concerns, including spaced or crowded teeth, and incorrect bites.

The Fastbraces® technology was developed with safety in mind allowing the system to be fast and affordable without compromising patient care. The triangular-shaped brackets, along with a super-elastic wire, create the ideal combination of gentle forces to move the teeth in a more natural way.

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Initial consultation

During your first consultation we take an in-depth look at the existing issues, immediate problems and most importantly – what causes the current dental issues (if there are any). We will also discuss the treatment options, payment plans, your availability and any other things that may concern you.

Treating immediate issues

We first focus on the issues that cause you discomfort or pain. Having that done first ensures that we prevent and monitor any issues that may become worse over time, thus saving you time, money and your teeth!

Treating other dental issues

We then move along the discussed plan, while keeping you informed. This way you know exactly what is happening with every step of the way.

Prevention and oral health management

This is the most important step. Based on your exact dental history we may recommend an array of options to help prevent future issues from occurring. We will also help you manage ongoing issues (if there are any).

What our clients say

Megan A

I’ve only been going to this dentist for about 9 Months, and before going I was nervous due to my teeth being bad, I was worried about being judged. But that has nevered happened. I highly recommend them, especially Dr. Reena Gupta. She ...

Leigh W

The most friendly, reliable, professional dentist to go to for all your dental needs….  Highly recommend for people that have fear of dentist to give this clinic a go.   They understand and are very patient and supportive.

Kelechi I

My first time going to this practice and was very impressed with how easy it was to get an appointment. The dentist I saw (Francisca) was extremely friendly and calming which one can appreciate being at dentist. The staff were friendly as well.

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