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At Coast Dental in Christies Beach improving the appearance of your smile can be carried out in just one treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is currently the most popular form of dentistry. With high quality whitening and porcelain veneer treatments being made readily available to everyone, more patients are opting to brighten their smile with cosmetic dentistry.

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The cosmetic dentistry treatments
we offer include:

Other forms of
cosmetic dentistry

While dental crowns and Invisalign are restorative treatments that offer health benefits they are also used for cosmetic purposes. Dental crowns can be colour matched to suit the colour and shade of your natural teeth. This, on top of being a strong, stain resistant restoration makes dental crowns a popular option for protecting and cosmetically enhancing the appearance of a tooth.

The same could also be said for Invisalign. This series of clear custom-made aligners are often used to enhance cosmetically crooked teeth. Invisalign is a great choice because the aligners are practically invisible so no one will notice you’re wearing them. Additionally they are removable so you can take them out for photos and functions.

This is how we bring
your smile back

Initial consultation

During your first consultation we take an in-depth look at the existing issues, immediate problems and most importantly – what causes the current dental issues (if there are any). We will also discuss the treatment options, payment plans, your availability and any other things that may concern you.

Treating immediate issues

We first focus on the issues that cause you discomfort or pain. Having that done first ensures that we prevent and monitor any issues that may become worse over time, thus saving you time, money and your teeth!

Treating other dental issues

We then move along the discussed plan, while keeping you informed. This way you know exactly what is happening with every step of the way.

Prevention and oral health management

This is the most important step. Based on your exact dental history we may recommend an array of options to help prevent future issues from occurring. We will also help you manage ongoing issues (if there are any).

A great result every time

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Cosmetic Dentistry Morphett Vale

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