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Cerec South Australia

Coast Dental in Christies Beach uses the CEREC machine

Time is one our most precious resources. Once it’s gone you cannot get it back. Which is why some people guard their time so preciously. Especially professionals who are busy rushing around to meetings as well as raising a family.

Time is also why some people do not visit the dentist. No matter how bad a patient’s oral health is, we’ve seen patients who have only come in because the pain was preventing them from sleeping.

Coast Dental and same-day porcelain dentistry

Traditional dentistry would require two appointments to complete inlay/onlay, dental crown or porcelain veneer treatment. This would involve messy impression material, temporary restorations, and a week of waiting for your actual restoration.

With CEREC technology; you can get your porcelain restorations in just one appointment. No messy impression material; no awkward-feeling temporary crown.

Instead of messy impression material, we take digital images of your teeth and upload this to the CEREC computer. It then takes us five minutes to design your new restoration: this design is sent to the milling machine and 20 minutes later you’ll have your new porcelain restoration. The advantages of porcelain restorations are that they mimic they shade and colour of your natural teeth.

Is there a time when same-day dentistry isn’t appropriate?

If you need a dental crown on your back teeth, a porcelain-only dental crown may not be the best solution. In that case, a porcelain on metal dental crown would be ideal. This is because of the amount of pressure your back teeth undergo would require either a metal or gold dental crown. When you visit Coast Dental in Christies Beach we will assess your oral health and explain all your options. It is important during your initial consultation to explain exactly what you are looking for in your restorative work. This will help us to determine what the best treatment for you is.

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