How do I get straight teeth without braces?

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How do I get straight teeth without braces?

With modern orthodontic treatment straightening your teeth without conventional braces is easier than ever!

Straight teeth are better for your oral health. But many adult patients and patients in the late teens are reluctant to have conventional braces placed on their teeth.  They look unsightly and they make life a little awkward for a while. By choosing to have a metal-free orthodontic treatment, not only will you be able to correct your smile but you won’t have the awkwardness of metal on your teeth and gums.

What treatment options are there instead of conventional braces?

Invisalign is the most popular. It’s a trusted brand which provides patients with an efficient orthodontic treatment option to straighten teeth. The aligners are transparent so people would have difficulty seeing them, and they are removable so they won’t get in the way of your social life.

Invisalign straightens your teeth gradually; every two weeks you will be given a new pair of aligners to slowly – but surely – move your teeth into the predetermined position.

Your initial consultation at Coast Dental

At your first consultation, we will walk you through the Invisalign process. And we will take the necessary scans, which are then sent off to Invisalign HQ where your aligners are made. With the Invisalign technology, we can show you the projected outcome of your treatment—provided you wear the aligners as prescribed.

Invisalign and suitability

Invisalign offers a range of treatment options: from patients seeking a cosmetic straightening to patients who require serious orthodontic work. Invisalign has also design Invisalign Teen: this differs from Invisalign with its compliance indicators to let the teenage wearer know how long he needs to wear the aligners for.

There are cases when Invisalign may not be suitable, but for this to be the case your orthodontic state would have to be quite severe.

Invisalign and compliance

One of the advantages – and one of the reasons why Invisalign is so popular – is that you can remove the aligners to eat, for photos or important business events: if you play the sport you can take the aligners out and replace them with your mouthguard while you play. It is important to note that you must brush your teeth after eating before replacing your aligners. This will help to stop the build-up of plaque on your teeth.

Additionally, because you are able to maintain your oral hygiene it means fewer visits to the dentist. Depending on your situation we may provide enough aligners for six weeks. Fewer appointments mean more money saved all while getting straighter teeth.

During your initial consultation, Dr Grover will explain how long each day you will need to wear the aligners for the maximum benefit. On average this can be around 20 hours a day: however, it can vary from case to case. Failure to wear the aligners for the prescribed amount of time can either result in sub-par results or longer treatment time.

If you would like to know more about you can straighten your teeth without braces, or book an appointment at Coast Dental near Morphett Vale, please contact us today.

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