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Teeth Whitening

Did you know the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world is teeth whitening? Millions of people all over the world are turning to dentists for a brighter whiter smile.

With coffee, smoking and wine, making up a big part of many people’s lifestyles, at-home dental care may not be enough to maintain a bright, white smile.

Coast Dental in Christies Beach offers a range of tooth whitening options, which effectively whiten your teeth while limiting exposure to your gums.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening treatments, professional teeth whitening significantly reduces the chances of damage to the teeth and gums, as well as ensures the best possible results.

Studies over the years have shown that teeth whitening, performed by a dental professional, does not cause any damage to the teeth.

Book an appointment at our Christies Beach practice and find out which tooth whitening treatment is best for you.

How it works

Teeth whitening differs from professional teeth cleaning, instead focusing on the colouring of the teeth rather than health concerns.

Professional whitening involves chemically removing both deep and surface stains, achieving whitening results up to eight shades lighter.

Coast Dental offers two options for teeth whitening; an in-office procedure performed by a dentist to whiten teeth in an hour and a take-home whitening kit, which is custom fitted to whiten without causing harm.

Learn more about our in-office and take-home whitening treatment.

Non-bleach teeth whitening

Non-bleaching methods rely on gentle abrasions, which gently remove the stained surface layer of the tooth. This is the same method used when using toothpaste to remove daily stains from the surface of the tooth.

Before deciding on a tooth whitening procedure, it is important to determine the cause of discolouration on your teeth. Teeth that have become discoloured because of trauma or problems with the internal tooth structure cannot be whitened using the same methods.

The experienced dentists at Coast Dental can examine your teeth and determine the cause of discolouration before recommending teeth whitening. Should your teeth be discoloured in a way that cannot be whitened, restorative procedures may be recommended.

Teeth whitening and sensitivity

While our professionals strive to make whitening treatments as comfortable as possible, you may experience slight sensitivity immediately after treatment which will subside quickly. Many of our patients report minimal to no discomfort during and after treatment.

While many people are enticed by cheaper supermarkets and online whitening alternatives, it is important to understand these non-professional systems have more risk of tooth sensitivity.

If you have questions or concerns about teeth whitening, contact Coast Dental on (08) 8384 7322 and we will be happy give you more information on the procedure.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening results and longevity varies depending on the individual and procedure undertaken.

Most patients achieve a result which lasts for approximately two years before the teeth start to gradually darken from lifestyle habits.

The results of teeth whitening can be prolonged by adopting healthy eating and lifestyle habits, as well as a good oral health routine. We encourage patients to avoid stain-prone food and drinks, such as wine or coffee. If you want to indulge, we advise you to drink water after to wash the mouth and remove possible staining remnants.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Christies Beach

To find out more information about our teeth whitening options, expected results and the best option for you,  please contact our team today.

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